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What's your real estate vision? I look forward to a complimentary consultation and learn about your goals.

I am a California licensed Realtor® and Certified International Property Specialist assisting buyers from around the world navigate San Francisco Bay Area markets. Sellers benefit from my local expertise paired with our prominent global marketing to reach wide audiences. I am also an experienced residential and commercial property investor myself widely networked with industry professionals in California and around the country.


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It will be my pleasure to take you from start to finish through your real estate project. The process is focused on your outcomes, it will be educational, and fun. You will feel informed and confident at all times and enjoy the highest standard of professional care from me.

We will create a mutual opportunity to "test drive" our partnership for a while before embarking fully on your real estate project. This approach has been working very well for my clients and for me. Once we feel the match is great, we decide on a mutual commitment.

My Buyer clients find their dream home, write strong offers with confidence, and negotiate best possible terms.
My Seller clients make their property stand out among competing listings, negotiate best terms and highest possible price.
I help people get what they want while not leaving any money on the table.

It will be my pleasure to help you too with your real estate goals this year. 



Market Snapshot Santa Clara & San Mateo Counties


The Market Action Report delivers an efficient graphic and numerical representation of current sales statistics. Come back routinely for the latest monthly figures.

With the emergence of COVID the March listing inventory was 28% lower than in March 2019. There is known shadow inventory with sellers presently holding properties off-market. At the time of this update (4/21/2020) only vacant, not occupied properties, can be shown.

Some buyers have withdrawn from the market due to loss or reduction of purchasing power, or simply due to hesitation around continued employment. Concerns over work visa extensions also effect some buyers. Lenders have tightened their underwriting guidelines and require minimally 20% down and credit scores over 700. Banks are furthermore side-tracked servicing CARE Act disaster loans and focus much of their personnel on those efforts. That in turn has lead to longer processing times for purchase money loans to home buyers.

Showings of vacant properties are permitted under strict guidelines. Only two individuals from the same household can enter a property at the same time. They may only do so after all virtual methods of viewing have been exhausted and only if any aspect of the viewing or inspection cannot be conducted virtually. Anyone who participates in in-person showings must adhere to social distancing guidelines, wear protective equipment, and clean touched surfaces after the visit. Open Houses have moved entirely to virtual tours and in some cases to Live Streaming Open House events.

Interestingly, many homes have still been selling within a few weeks despite these additional hurdles. Yet, other properties linger from reduced exposure opportunities. MLSListings stopped accruing DOM "Days on Market" effective 3/17/2020. Once SIP is lifted DOMs will accrue again. Note: Downstream services like Redfin and Zillow will generally keep calculating “days on site”, which is their practice.

To summarize, various COVID constraints resulted in fewer listings (-28%) and fewer sales (-10%) in March 2020 compared to March 2019. Prices are still up in comparison. It will take some time to see the effect of COVID on prices as closings need to occur first. Escrows involving loans can take longer than the typical 30 days when delays occur with appraisals, inspections, loan underwriting and possibly other 3rd party services. 

I am eager to see what the April figures bring. Personally, I feel it is too early for meaningful predictions around the COVID impact on home values and home ownership.


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