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Does Your 2023 Roadmap Include a Real Estate Move?

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  Your goal and vision  

Reach Your Goal with Confidence

My team and I recommend customized actions for your specific needs and objectives. Most importantly, we focus on building your confidence and trust in your own real estate investment decisions.

I am a California licensed Realtor® and Certified International Property Specialist assisting buyers from around the world navigate San Francisco Bay Area markets. Sellers benefit from my local expertise paired with our prominent global marketing to reach wide audiences. I am also an experienced residential and commercial property investor myself widely networked with industry professionals in California and around the country. 


Client Benefits

The process is focused on your outcomes, it will be educational, and fun. You will feel informed and confident at all times and enjoy the highest standard of professional care from me.

We will create a mutual opportunity to "test drive" our partnership for a while before embarking fully on your real estate project. This approach has been working very well for my clients and for me. Once we feel the match is great, we decide on a mutual commitment.

Our Clients are empowered by insights and knowledge my team possesses and is eager to share. Together we diligently educate everyone about the various aspects of property investing or selling, including diligent investigation of any property considered for purchase or of your own home if you are a prospective seller.

Helpful trusted professionals in my network are on hand to lend support as necessary. Areas include financing, tax and accounting, wealth planning, insurance, banking, property inspections, design and architectural, decorating, staging, photography and media, construction, handy services, professional home services, moving, escrow and title.


Get to Getting What you Want

When you get what you want, we succeed. From years of work in real estate I know how to empower people in this industry. I can help you too, succeed in getting what you want at best possible terms. Let's discuss your property goals for this year and create an action plan.