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 10 Things About Susanne

  1. "Agent Bohl", like in "Agent Bond”, is my professional nickname. Unlike James Bond, I am not a “secret" agent. As agent in the world of real property I am visible and active in my field.
  2. Real Estate became my new career in 2004 and I have since been with Coldwell Banker Realty in Los Altos. The reach between my mid-peninsula office and my south bay home has allowed me to span a much wider territory, compared to most other agents, and develop demonstrable knowledge and professional connections across Silicon Valley neighborhoods.
  3. I am proud to be associated with Coldwell Banker Realty - a brand that is probably the world's most recognized international realty brand. My clients recognize this and have frequently commented that they appreciate benefiting.
  4. Clients always interact with me directly. Yet, I am supported by a strong, reliable team. Office management and staff are simply the best, and along with my clients I can 100% rely on their support in every aspect of the business.
  5. For over 20 years the San Jose Rose Garden neighborhood has been my home. During this time, I diligently and steadily studied communities across the San Francisco Bay Area through the eyes of an investor and Realtor.
  6. I have brokered property transactions from Tahoe, Gilroy, San Francisco, Fremont and many places in between during this time and helped many clients relocate to and out of Silicon Valley.
  7. Before real estate I worked in consulting positions for multi-national firms in Germany and the US, including positions with PwC. I hold an MS Information Management from Syracuse University.
  8. Outside work I am passionate about violin playing, salsa dancing, and rollerblading. I am fond of many forms of visual and performing arts. Ah, and I am into cats, a lot.
  9. Real property is what I consider a major pillar in asset diversification.
  10. What continues to excite me in my field are the ever changing demands and needs of today's property owners and helping them leverage their real estate endeavors to their advantage.


There's More

Clients always work with me directly. I pride myself in being hands-on, skilled, and current with all professional, technical, and logistical topics to serve my clients. These are among the major benefits people appreciate when working with "AgentBohl".

Over the years I've built an extensive network of professionals to assist me in my business and support my clients as well in a multitude of ways: Construction, home improvement, design and staging, landscaping, commercial property investing, financial analysis, taxation, property management, accounting, technology consulting, and more.

I look forward to supporting people in their real estate successes through the cycle of their specific real estate project and far beyond.

"We used Susanne to sell our previous house and then again to buy our current house. She was helpful in coordinating all of the key activities for both transactions and provided useful guidance along the way. She is very dedicated to her work and takes pride in making sure her customers are happy with the final product."

  -Jon M., Client

"If you are looking for an agent who is knowledgeable, dependable, honest, and an advocate for the clients, I highly recommend Susanne. I normally compare different options when making a final purchasing decision. However, after I sent an email inquiry for a house that was posted online by the Coldwell Banker, that pattern was changed in this particular case. I got a call from Susanne shortly after I sent out the email. We were impressed with her knowledge, her amiable personality, and her professional manner. In the next few months, we never looked for another agent as she has been always so pleasant to work with and always so accommodating to our busy schedule when showing us various properties. She helped us buy our dream house even under asking price. In this very competitive market, we wouldn't have been able to do it without her in-depth understanding of the housing market and her sound judgement of what would be the fair price points for the houses in various locations. "

  -Angela W., Client

"Susanne is a great Real Estate agent. She learnt my needs and properties I am looking for and helped to sort out "misses" and focus on the "heats". I would not find the property I bought in the end w/o Susanne. The moment I saw it I knew this is it: my brand new home w/ advanced features, close to work and well placed. It saved me a lot of trouble and money as market had a seasonal heat. If I would be thinking one or two weeks more all properties would be gone and I would regret it deeply. Susanne rightly convinced me that the price is right and the time is now. Thank you Susanne! I like the place a lot!! I recommend Susanne as an expert in Bay Area Real Estate especially in San Jose, Los Altos vicinity."

  -Vladimir T., Client

"Susanne was a pleasure to work with as my Real Estate Agent. She was attentive to details, quick to respond to questions, and did her best to find exactly what I was looking for in a home. She was a great partner throughout the entire process. She is also fun-loving, humorous person who makes the stressful, house-searching process relaxed and as easy as possible. I will definitely recommend her to friends and family who are looking buy in the Silicon Valley area."

  -Edward A., Client

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What are your real estate goals for this year? Give me a call to discuss. I take pride in making people's property needs and wants a reality.




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